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Crypto Trading App

Circe Ai’s custom-trained Ai models use advanced mathematics and machine learning to automatically trade cryptocurrency spot and futures markets on Coinbase.

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The Team Behind Circe Ai

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts & developers dedicated to building integrations between crypto trading technologies and Ai..

Imagine a Pro Trader who never sleeps or eats, scanning markets 24/7 and executing potentially profitable trades on autopilot for you…

This is what we’re pushing to achieve with Circe’s Ai trading bot.

Ai Trading Bot for Coinbase

Token on Ethereum

The heart of Circe Ai's ecosystem, our Ethereum token $CAI will give holders exclusive benefits like reduced trading fees and entry into community contests.

Intuitive Dashboard

Simple, sleak, data-rich analytics dashboard to easily track performance metrics of all trades across both spot and futures markets on Coinbase.

Automated Ai Trading

Circe is a council of 3 custom-trained Ai, governed over by a 4th Master model that receives data from the council and decides when to trade on autopilot.

Phase One

Planning & Market Research (Complete)


  • Conduct thorough market research and competitive
    analysis to identify key features and market gaps.
  • Establish a clear understanding of the target
    audience and their needs.
  • Develop a detailed project plan, outlining the
    scope, milestones, and deliverables for the Circe
    AI Trading bot platform.

Key Activities

  • Gathering data on competitors like Pionex,
    Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken.
  • Analyzing market trends and regulatory
    considerations in the crypto trading space.
  • Setting strategic goals for Circe AI Trading bot
    based on the research findings.

Phase Two

Design & Prototyping (Complete)


  • Design the UI/UX of Circe trading to ensure a seamless
    and intuitive user experience.
  • Create interactive prototypes for different user

Key Activities

  • Crafting wireframes and Figma design mockups for
    the appโ€™s interface.
  • Alterating designs based on feedback from potential
    users and token holders.
  • Developing an interactive prototype to simulate the
    app experience.

Phase Three

Development (Complete)


  • Build the front-end and back-end infrastructure of
    the Circe AI Trading app.
  • Integrate AI and machine learning algorithms for
    auto trading functionalities.

Key Activities

  • Setting up the development environment and
    selecting the technology stack.
  • Coding the core application framework, API
    integrations, and database systems.
  • Build custom hardware to ensure all Circe AI
    Trading algorithms are never shared with third
  • Developing and training advanced AI models for
    market analysis and trading execution.

Phase Four

Testing & Quality Assurance (Current Phase)


  • Thoroughly test the Circe AI Trading bot to ensure
    functionality, performance, and security.
  • Iterate based on feedback to fine-tune the app
    before launching to general public.

Key Activities

  • Conducting a range of tests including unit testing,
    system testing, and performance testing.
  • Running security audits to safeguard against
  • Collecting feedback from beta testing Treasury account to identify
    and fix issues + improve trading functionality.
  • Adding more Ai models to the council for improved trade results.

Phase Five

Launch & Post-Launch Support (Pending)


  • Successfully launch the Circe AI Crypto Trading
    platform to token holders and the public.
  • Provide ongoing support and updates based on user
    feedback and market evolution.

Key Activities

  • Finalizing the web app and marketing materials.
  • Submit the app to 2,000+ directories.
  • Monitoring the appโ€™s performance and user
    feedback closely after launch.
Easy to Use ai crypto Trading bot

Ai Auto Trading For Token Holders

After thorough testing and market validation on the Treasury Wallet, Circe’s Ai Trading Bot will eventually be available for token holders to use with their own Coinbase accounts.

1. Create Account

Users will create an account on Circe's Web App.

2. Link Coinbase

Give Circe's Bot permissions to access your account via API calls.

3. Auto Trade

Circe's Ai will autotrade both spot and futures markets.

our mission - ai vision

Trade Crypto Profitably With Ai From Anywhere In The World...

We want the Circe Ai brand and community to prosper and help people all over the world trade crypto on autopilot using Circe’s artificial intelligence models.ย 

We are proud to already have over 450 community members supporting us from all over the world, the trust it’s taken to get us here is what makes us dedicated to creating a truly profitable Ai trading bot for our loyal holders.

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Custom Trained Ai Models

Sophisticated Ai Trading Technology

Circe Ai’s trading bot is custom trained on numerous advanced mathematical algorithms using high end graphics cards. Once training is complete, the model is uploaded to the cloud to avoid downtime rather than running on the physical hardware it was originally trained on. This is where the magic happens.

Crypto Trading utility token

$CAI - In Circe We Trust

$CAI is Circe Ai’s principal ecosystem utility token, holders will receive exclusive benefits the longer they hold $CAI. $CAI is fully audited on Ethereum blockchain, available with a 5% Buy and 5% sell tax to help feed the treasury trading wallet and fund development & marketing.

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Advanced Ai Trading bot, Autotrading crypto spot and futures markets on Coinbase.

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